Zach Braff remembers working on the script for ‘A Good Person’ with Florence Pugh

On Wednesday’s premiere, Zach Braff discussed writing A Good Person revealed for Florence Pugh.

Pugh and Zach Braff reunited on Wednesday for the London premiere of their upcoming film A Good Person. In addition to playing a supporting role, Pugh also served as a co-producer on the film, which is produced, written, and directed by Braff.

The film’s writer revealed to the audience during a Q&A session following the premiere that he wrote the screenplay for Pugh during the pandemic lockdown.

I wanted to convey the narrative since I was feeling these emotions. “I lost a lot of individuals in my life who were really important to me,” Braff said.

“Since we were under lockdown, it was time to write. “There was nothing else to do except start a script because that’s what I meant to do, that’s what I loved to do, and I wanted to create something for Florence, and this is kind of what came out of me,” he concluded. “I mean, there was nothing else to do but write a screenplay.”

Meanwhile, Pugh, who was living with Braff at the time (the pair has since divorced), saw that Braff would sequester himself in their home office while composing the script. “I was not authorised to read anything of it,” she explained.

“I wasn’t permitted to read any of the scenes when he was writing them. He’d come out of the office after shutting himself in for a few hours and simply start telling me about all the stuff he’d unearthed, and I wasn’t permitted to read anything. Because we discussed it over dinner, I became acquainted with both the character and the writing.

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