What to do if your power goes out during a storm

Some businesses in Albany, New York, are still recovering from Saturday’s power outage. WALB reported that they also claim to have missed out on thousands of dollars.

Crews exerted a great deal of effort to repair a snapped electricity pole and restore the widespread outage on Westover Boulevard near Dawson Road. A car accident in the early morning is said to have started it.

LG&E reported that as of 7 p.m. on Friday, there were more than 75,000 people without power in Jefferson, Bullitt, Meade, and Oldham counties, as well as an estimated 200,000 customers without power across the state.

About 8,000 customers in Southern Indiana are without power, according to Duke Energy. Additionally, hundreds of outages were reported, as the CMP outage list revealed.

WLWT reported the following instructions on what to do if you lose power during severe weather:

Before the storm

Make an emergency supply kit before the storm to save time later. The box should contain everything a person or family would need for at least two weeks, especially food, medicines, water, and other items that might be hard to find after a disaster.

Keep a portable radio or television nearby to keep up with weather forecasts and important information from state and local officials.

Charge smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices when you know there will be a storm to keep access to important information about safety and how to respond. Any potential purchases of portable chargers should be fully charged.

After the storm

Power lines that have fallen or are sagging should not be used after the storm. Consider everything in close proximity to lines to be electrified, including trees and lines.

If a power wire crosses your vehicle by accident, continue driving. Make every effort to leap out of the vehicle and land on both feet if you are forced to do so due to a fire or other life-threatening emergency. Make certain that no part of your body comes into contact with the vehicle when your feet touch the ground.

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