UAE Schools open after 2 months vacation

UAE Schools have organized staggered entries to ensure that there is time for introductions.

Dubai ( UAE News – Arshad Farooq Butt )

The iconic yellow school buses once again took over on Dubai roads on Monday morning after a two-month summer break.

UAE Schools have organized staggered entries to ensure that there is time for introductions, school tours, and orientation sessions, supporting new students in adapting to their environment, peers, and academic expectations.

Students in Dubai schools seemed exhilarated as they returned to their schools after the long holidays. They were seen taking photos with their friends using amusing welcome back props in elaborately adorned photo booths.

These pupils even eagerly shared stories of their enjoyable holiday experiences. Numerous students recounted their journeys, while others caught up with their class companions.

For some, meeting their classmates again made them really happy as they missed their friends. Abir Talwalkar, a Year-7 student at DIA Emirates Hills, was one among them. “I am excited about going back to school after the summer break. It will be great to see all my friends. It is also a big jump, going into Year 7 for the beginning of Middle Years Programme.”

Students said that although adjusting to early mornings after the vacations felt somewhat difficult, the school’s atmosphere and the anticipation of entering a senior class created an inviting ambiance.

Some believed that summer holidays introduced a pause and rebooting into the usual routine demanded an extra effort.

Varen Shetty who is also a student of the same school said, “Getting up early was a little difficult after the holidays but I was really excited as I hadn’t met my friends in a long time. It feels good to be back.”

At Indian curriculum schools, it was the beginning of a new term. For senior students, their term exams are not too far away.

Omar Elhoussaimi, Year 10 student at Wesgreen International School, Boys Section, said, “It feels good to be coming back to school after the summer break. But it also feels scary since we will be starting our IGCSE. I want to establish a good relationship with my teacher.”

Malak Mohamed, a Year 7 student at Wesgreen International School, Girls Section said, “It feels really good because I am going to adjust to new teachers and make new friends and learn new things.

I am most excited about what I am going to learn and what’s going to come up in my tests and I want to see how charged I am going to be. The most challenging thing about the back-to-school transition is sleeping and waking up early because during holidays we get to sleep later.”

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