Social Media Misconduct is a punishable crime in the UAE

According to the UAE cyber crime laws, misconduct on social media is a punishable crime in the United Arab Emirates.

misconduct on social media includes insulting remarks about others, sharing someone else’s videos or snaps without his/her consent which may affect his/her privacy.

Some incidents have happened recently in the UAE which shows this has become a serious issue as people rare care about what they are posting on social media accounts.

A high school teacher in Abu Dhabi had to lost his job last week when he was found sharing inappropriate things on his social media account facebook. Parents and students complained about him and the school administration had to remove him from his post.

This incident was one of those cases in which UAE residents had to face severe trouble and many had to face court proceedings.

Last year, Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court fined Dh5,000 to an Arab over using abusive language on whatsapp. The plaintiff and his wife had filed application for compensation and the court found the defendant guilty.

So, just like the fake news or intolerance is a crime, social media misconduct comes the same category. The court accepts whatsapp messages as an evidence.

If you are living in the UAE, you should be careful using facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and other social media apps. One comment, or even one abusive word can send you in the jail.

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