UAE bans visit visa extension inside country

The change in the rules has come into effect immediately on Tuesday, December 13.

Dubai (UAE Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt)

The United Arab Emirates has implemented new rules on Tuesday, in which the option of extending visit visas from within the country has been closed. The decision has been implemented immediately on tourists in the UAE and they will have to leave the country after the expiry of their visit visas.

It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates was the first country to introduce the option of extending their visas for tourists from within the country during the spread of the epidemic disease Covid-19. The option to extend the visa or change the type of visa was not available earlier.

The United Arab Emirates made this change on humanitarian grounds as travel became difficult due to the suspension of flights during the pandemic.

But now tourists who have succeeded in getting a job in the UAE or who want to get a residency visa have to go out of the UAE first to change their visa status. The change in the rules has come into effect immediately on Tuesday, December 13.

According to travel agents, some visa extension applications are not being processed while most of the applications are being rejected. However, according to some people, the laws have not been strictly enforced yet.

According to Omar Farooq, admin of Dubai’s largest social media group, Pakistanis in Dubai:

“Those who are on a visit visa in Dubai, their visa is being transferred to a work visa. All these people are changing status within the Emirates, that is, it is happening as it was before. I have taken out the visa of my employees today. More information about visa-to-visit visa holders will be clear in a few days.”

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