Why is UAE blocking visit visas for different cities of Pakistan?

Earlier, there was a ban on UAE visit visas for 22 cities in Pakistan.

Dubai (UAE Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt)

Reports are circulating in various social media and travel operators groups, including Dubai’s largest social media platform Pakistanis in Dubai, that the UAE government has banned visit visas for people from 24 cities in Pakistan.

Earlier, there was a ban on UAE visit visas for 22 cities in Pakistan. With the addition of 2 more cities last week, the number of banned cities has risen to 24.

Position of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters on the closure of UAE visit visas

Adnan Pracha, official of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters, said on the closure of UAE visit visas that no formal letter has been issued by the UAE in this regard. However, practically this practice has been started.

This practice was also seen last year when visit visas were being approved for Indian citizens after the end of Corona restrictions. But the issuance of visit visas for Pakistanis was getting delayed. And visas of most Pakistanis were being rejected.

UAE has banned which cities of Pakistan?

Adnan Paracha further said that visit visas are not being given to Pakistanis belonging to 24 cities including Sahiwal, Abbottabad, Chakwal, Hunza, Dera Ghazi Khan, Quetta, Khushab, Muzaffargarh, Sargodha, Attock, Kasur, Karam. , Nawab Shah, Sheikhupura, Bajaur, Hangu, Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan, Larkana, Sukkur, Para Chinar, Skardu, Kotli and Mohmand.

What are the reasons for UAE visit visa ban on Pakistanis?

Millions of foreigners, especially Afghan citizens, are doing business in Pakistan without any registration. Apart from this, crores of people do business on carts and rickshaws without shops registration. As a result of this business, the government of Pakistan is suffering huge loss. Government does not receive tax due to non-registration of businesses.

When Pakistanis visit UAE, they also try to do business there without informing the government. But any business activity in the UAE without government permission is not only prohibited, but a crime. There you will not see any carts or rikshaw shops. No beggars will be seen in streets or shops.

A simple grocery, vegetable or barber shop that costs a few thousand in Pakistan starts at least five million rupees in the UAE. So following are the major reasons for UAE visit visa ban on Pakistanis.

1. Agents Mafia misrepresentation

Some big businessmen and human resource companies in Dubai believe that the main reason behind the ban on visit visas by the UAE to Pakistanis is the misrepresentation of agents mafia. Travel agents refer Pakistani nationals on visit visas and encourage them to find employment there.

The purpose of a visit visa is to promote tourism, not to conduct business. If all people come on visit visas and earn jobs, the UAE will not get the income it gets from residency visas. This will affect the economy of the UAE which the rulers would never want. Therefore, the policy of the UAE is strict in this regard. If a tourist is caught doing business or employment, he himself is deported and faces a ban for his agent and the city.

2. Begging

Laws are made for implementation. Not only UAE but Pakistan also have laws to prevent begging.

But in Pakistan, begging has become a huge industry. Which is patronized by many organizations including the police. Begging gangs are not only involved in illegal activities but also commit heinous crimes like kidnapping and sale purchase of children.

The beggar mafia also turns to Arab countries to expand its network. Many people come to UAE on visit visa and start begging.

Last Ramadan too, the UAE police cracked down and deported a large number of Pakistani beggars. Women were also included among those who were deported.

Among these beggars there were people who were collecting donations in the name of religious schools and mosques. Along with the shops, these people started collecting donations by going door to door in the UAE. But they were cracked down on the complaint of the residents and deported.

Is the closure of UAE visit visas a concern?

Travel agents and businessmen in Pakistan are looking at this situation with concern. They say that the government of Pakistan should crack down against such agent mafias who are affecting the reputation of the country.

UAE has recognized and banned such mafias. But why are the institutions of Pakistan silent on the illegal activities taking place at home?

All is good!!!

On the other hand, the sources connected with the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Pakistan have denied these reports as usual and have given a good report.

They say that the UAE government has not imposed any restrictions on the basis of any city, language or religion of Pakistan. However, the implementation and monitoring of laws have been tightened to prevent misuse of visit visas.

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