Twitter has returned to “normalcy “

After experiencing a global slowdown that prevented users from accessing the platform and viewing image and video content,returned to “normal” on Monday.

“Things ought to be functioning normally now. We appreciate you remaining with us! Users were informed via Twitter Support’s official address in a letter.

The global cybersecurity and internet governance watchdog Netblocks previously stated that the microblogging site’s slowdown was unrelated to any “country-level internet disruptions.”

“Confirmed: Numerous Twitter users are now hit by international slowdowns and outages, which also affect picture and video content; incident that has nothing to do with internet filtering or country-level disruptions “#TwitterDown,” the watchdog tweeted..

In the meantime, Support also mentioned that there might not be all the functionality on the social media website right now.

Several features of it may not be working as intended right now. “We made an internal adjustment that had some unforeseen implications,” the tweet said.”

The support handle for the bird app stated, “Working on this now and will share an update when it’s fixed,” in a written response.

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