Top Indian Actress Alia Bhatt speaks about expected birth of twins

Top indian actress Alia Bhatt has replied about the joke of Ranbir Kapoor regarding the expected birth of twins.

During a recent interview, when asked about Ranbir Kapoor’s response to a question about possible twins, she replied, “Ranbir was joking.”

It should be noted that when Ranbir Kapoor was played a game of telling one lie and two truths during a show, he also gave an answer that he is going to be the father of twins.

However, Alia Bhatt, who is busy promoting her film, did not confirm or deny Ranbir Kapoor’s comment during the interview, but definitely said that Ranbir Kapoor was joking.

Alia also said that “Ranbir Kapoor has shot himself in the foot.” Alia said that we lack news and if there is no news then such statements become a news.

She also said that people should pray for the health and safety of me and Ranbir.

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