Tom Cruise skips the Oscars in 2023 to avoid being mocked?

Officially, Tom Crusie said that he was unable to attend the Oscars because his schedule conflicted with the shooting of Mission Impossible in the United Kingdom. However, insiders present a different picture of the 60-year-old actor’s absence from the ceremony.

According to Variety, sources close to the situation suggested that the megastar pulled out of the ceremony at the last minute after learning that Judd Apatow was editing Kimmel’s monologue.

At the DGA Awards earlier, the director of This is 40 made a number of crude jokes about the star of Top Gun.

However, Molly McNearney, wife of the late-night host and executive producer, did not subscribe to the rumors.

“Jimmy normally sends his monologue to a group of individuals he trusts, comedy writers and comedians,” McNearney continued.

They do not contribute to the monologue. They simply inform him that the joke that is supposed to be working is not. No, Judd was not involved in the monologue’s writing or production.

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