Three-year-old girl who was born with a “6 centimetre tail”

They were astonished when Brazilian doctors delivered a baby girl and discovered a six-centimeter tumor protruding from her spine. The medical anomaly that a three-year-old baby girl experienced was reported in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports.

The girl was born with spina bifida, a birth defect caused by an improperly formed spinal cord, according to the study. The disease caused a gap in her spine, which probably contributed to the growth of the tail. The skin-covered appendage that was growing on her back was surgically removed right away.

The authors of the case study say that the child was delivered at term by caesarean, and the mother had never been sick or used drugs before. A soft tissue tail was growing where the spine and pelvis meet as the child’s doctors examined him or her. “The physical examination revealed a 6 cm skin-covered soft tissue tail coming up from the lumbosacral area,” the study’s authors wrote.

A local dermal sinus, a multilayered tissue channel, and a fibrous cable were all found in the infant’s spine during an MRI.

“There was no connected cord. “The case was identified as a human pseudo-tail and a spinal dysraphism was discovered,” they declared.

A partially open suture and a wet surgical site revealed the baby’s cerebrospinal fluid leak after the procedure. She was held in a lateral position while receiving intravenous antibiotics, and her wound was kept clean and dry.

The child, who is now three years old, did not experience any long-term effects from the operation.

The authors referred to: The patient, who is now three years old, is receiving close long-term monitoring. She had three episodes of a urinary tract infection during this time, which were successfully treated with antibiotics.

The girl is now able to walk easily and the operation has not caused any problems.

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