Supporters of BTS urge that member Jin be treated fairly

Fans of K-pop group BTS are upset with their company, HYBE Entertainment, and they want Jin to be treated better. The hashtag Hybe Be Reasonable For Jin additionally begun moving on Twitter.

On the track “On The Street,” another member of BTS, J-Hope, collaborated with American rapper J. Cole. BigHit, HYBE’s subsidiary, shared the news that the song won at the music competition M Countdown on their social media platforms. Fans were thrilled at the declaration and observed On The Road’s most memorable win.

Others, on the other hand, were disappointed that neither HYBE nor BigHit announced the win for Jin’s solo track The Astronaut. Fans alleged that Jin’s solo accomplishments were not given the same amount of attention or importance by HYBE as those of the other members.

Before leaving to join the military, Jin released Coldplay’s co-written The Astronaut. The idol has ceased all promotional activities until around 2024, when his service will end.

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