Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Turns 40

He always interacts with his millions of followers on daily basis.

Dubai ( UAE Updates – Nov 14, 2022 – Maham Siddiqui )

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai has a great heart for his country and shares a very good bond with its people. Whether it is online or in person, he always interacts with his millions of followers on daily basis.

Since Sheikh Hamdan turns 40 today, let’s have a look at the occasions that has won people’s heart and inspired them with Sheikh Mohammad’s kind nature.

Royal act of Kindness

Sheikh Hamdan in August 2022 had a meeting with a Pakistani delivery boy Abdul Ghafoor who removed two tangible blocks from a very busy road in Dubai that prevented massive accidents.

His video went viral on social media in which he can be seen doing the act. The prince seeks out the help of the public to find the man. Sheikh Hamdan then shared a photo of him with the delivery boy stating “An honor to meet you Abdul Ghafoor, a true example to be followed,”.

From being Royal to normal

Sheikh Hamdan took a ride on the famous London underground train as a local person which went viral everywhere. Just regular things done by the crown prince.

Supported a 4-year-old singing dream

A 4-year-old Filipino boy got the fame just after Sheikh Hamdan posted his video as an Instagram story in which he was performing the classic Bee Gees hit ‘how deep is your love’.

A selfie

A video of the crown prince went viral earlier this year in which he can be seen posing for a selfie with two Dubai residents in London. He poses for the selfie while waiting in his car. The prince even helped a woman there to take a photo with her phone.

There are a lot of other events that demonstrate Sheikh Hamdan’s kind nature and generous support towards the people and his country. We wish a very happy birthday to the UAE prince on his 40th birth anniversary.

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