Sheezan Mohammed Khan arrested in Tunisha Sharma case

Sheezan Muhammad Khan was considered to be very close to Tunisha Sharma.

Maharashtra Police has arrested indian actor Sheezan Mohammed Khan for the investigation of Tunisha Sharma suicide case.

According to the details, a 20-year-old Indian actress Tonisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of a TV show yesterday.

Maharashtra Police has detained the late actress’s close friend and co-actor Sheezan Mohammed Khan for investigation.

Sheezan Muhammad Khan was considered to be very close to Tunisha Sharma. On the occasion of International Men’s Day, Tunish had also made a loving post for him on her social media account.

On the other hand, the relatives of the 20-year-old actress Tunisha have accused Shizan Khan of harassing her. Sheezan Khan also accepted that he had some bitterness going on with Tunisha Sharma, which hurt the actress a lot.

Yesterday, Tunisha Sharma’s mother accused Shizan Muhammad Khan of her daughter’s death, after which the police expanded the investigation.

The police said in this regard that the post-mortem report was awaited. If it is confirmed that Tunisha Sharma is pregnant, then the scope of the death investigation can be extended to murder.

The Indian police arrested Sheezan Mohammed Khan and produced him in the court to investigate the matter. The court handed over Sheezan Khan to the police on 4 days physical remand. The police have also taken the mobile phone of Sheezan Khan into custody to investigate the matter.

It is to be noted that Tunisha Sharma has 1.1M followers on her instagram account which can be accessed at

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