Sandal Khattak asserts Hareem Shah, a TikToker, leaked videos for fame

Sandal Khattak, a close friend of the well-known TikToker Hareem Shah, has spoken out about the video leak issue.

Hareem blamed Sandal and Ayesha Naz, two of her friends, for stealing her phone and posting private videos on social media last week.

The TikToker claimed that her friends had leaked the videos and threatened her numerous times before uploading them.

Shah had stated that she was very close to both of her friends, that they used to live together, and that they had access to her mobile phone.

Sandal addressed the allegations in an interview with a private television channel and stated that Hareem ought to bring a case against her.

“Why doesn’t she file a case in this matter with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)?”

With her, why would we do this? She ought to file a case against me, Ayesha, or her boyfriend, but she ought to,” Sandal emphasized.

She stated that she would sue Hareem for damages for making false accusations if Hareem failed to demonstrate the allegations.

“Hareem told me that her boyfriend had filmed her videos, but now she says that her husband did it. Sandal asserted, “She claimed that her phone was hacked, but iCloud cannot be hacked.”

Sandal maintained that her boyfriend was the one who recorded Hareem’s video. Hareem is used to videos getting out,” she continued.

Sandal claimed that Hareem had taken money from her and started a fight when she asked for it back, which was the reason her friendship with Hareem ended. She stated, “I did not return my money and ended our friendship.”

Sandal added that Hareem is now blaming others and that she leaked her own video for fame.

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