Employees in the UAE demand a 10% increase in Salaries

A survey says 53% of workers in the UAE expect a 10% increase in salaries in 2023.

Dubai (UAE Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt)

Due to the lack of skilled workers in the UAE market and lack of job seekers, the existing employees are demanding a 10% increase in their salaries.

HR and recruitment industry executives say existing employees can expect a 10 percent increase in salaries in 2023 as a result of a shortage of skilled workers in the labor market.

A survey conducted by the famous jobs portals Bayt and YouGov has found that 53 percent of workers in the UAE expect a 10 percent increase in salaries in the year 2023.

In such a situation, employers are very worried. Executive Director of Nadia Global advises that both employers and employees need to find a suitable medium where businesses can achieve profitable growth and employees get benefits at reasonable rates. So that they can work wholeheartedly instead of wasting time in searching for alternative jobs.

It should be noted that rent and petrol prices are becoming the main drivers of inflation in the United Arab Emirates. Employers will need to regularly review housing and transport allowances to attract employees.

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