Russia is battling for its own survival, according to President Putin

MOSCOW: On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia’s very existence as a state was in danger in Ukraine.

Putin elaborated on his well-known argument that the West was intent on tearing Russia apart during an extended conversation with workers at an aviation factory in Buryatia, some 4,400 kilometers east of Moscow.

“Therefore for us, this is not a geopolitical issue, but a task of Russian statehood survival, establishing circumstances for the future growth of the nation and our children,” he said.

Putin has said that the West is using Ukraine as a weapon to fight Russia and cause a “strategic defeat” on it. According to the claims made by the United States and its allies, they are assisting Ukraine in defending itself against an invasion of the imperial type that has resulted in the destruction of Ukrainian cities, the deaths of thousands of civilians, and the exodus of millions of people.

Putin said in a reaction to an inquiry that he had been stressed over the economy when the West forced exceptional rushes of approvals last year yet it had demonstrated areas of strength for surprisingly.

We have repeatedly increased our economic sovereignty. After all, on what did our adversary rely? that we would collapse within a month or two to three weeks,” he stated.

He stated that the adversary had been anticipating that Russia would “sway from within and collapse,” as well as that the financial system would collapse, unemployment would rise, and protesters would take to the streets.

Putin stated, “This did not take place.” For many of us, and even more so for Western nations, it turned out that Russia’s fundamental foundations are much stronger than anyone thought.”

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