Russia’s first crude oil ship anchored at Karachi port

Russia's first ship carrying crude oil has arrived at Karachi port and anchored.

Karachi ( UAE Updates – Hamza Butt )

A new history of trade with neighboring countries has been made in Pakistan. Russia’s first ship carrying crude oil has arrived at Karachi port and anchored.

According to shipping sources and Geo News Live, the 183-meter-long Russian vessel Pure Point has 45,000 metric tons of crude oil.

The Russian ship has managed to reach Karachi even before the storm Biporjoy. The ship will deliver oil to Karachi Port’s Oil Pier 2, which has been berthed.

Shipping sources say that after the survey of the Russian ship, the process of oil transfer will begin. It should be noted that last month, Prime minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif said in the Parliament that after the arrival of Russian oil, the prices of petrol and diesel would be reduced by 100 rupees.

Pakistan has opened barter trade with its neighboring countries Russia, Iran and Afghanistan. Ministry of Commerce Pakistan has issued a notification which allows the government companies as well as the private sector to import and export products with the three countries.

The government of Pakistan has allowed imports of pulses, wheat, coal, petroleum including crude oil, LNG, LPG, fertilizers, plastics, rubber, minerals, metals, textile industry machinery, iron and steel from Russia.

PM Shehbaz Sharif tweet on Russian Oil Ship arrival in Pakistan

Prime minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif on his twitter account @CMShehbaz commends his team on the occasion of Russian Oil Ship arrival.

I have fulfilled another of my promises to the nation. Glad to announce that the first Russian discounted crude oil cargo has arrived in Karachi and will begin oil discharge tomorrow.

Today is a transformative day. We are moving one step at a time toward prosperity, economic growth and energy security & affordability.

This is the first ever Russian oil cargo to Pakistan and the beginning of a new relationship between Pakistan and Russian Federation.

I commend all those who remained part of this national endeavor & contributed to translating the promise of Russian oil import into reality. PM Shehbaz

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