First Saudi female soldier Rabi bint Abdulaziz Al Ghamdi interview

Rabi is being honored to wear the military uniform everywhere.

Riyadh ( Arab News, Gulf Times, Al arabia urdu )

First Saudi female soldier Rabi bint Abdulaziz Al Ghamdi has talked to Al Arabia about her feelings after joining military forces.

In Saudi Arabia, as soon as it was announced that women could join military services, the daughters of the nation rushed to serve their country.

The mother who nurtured generations also took the path of wearing the military uniform with pride and dignity to serve the country.

Rabi bint Abdulaziz Al Ghamdi, the first female soldier in KSA navy, has confirmed that she cannot describe her feelings of happiness and pride after joining the military service.

She is being honored to wear the military uniform everywhere. Al-Ghamdi has said that the impossible dream has become a reality today.

Today I am proudly wearing the military uniform of my country, I feel like I am flying with joy. I was ready to do everything to wear this military uniform. To achieve this, I accepted to drop my bachelor’s degree and submitted my high school diploma for employment. Because there was no need for specialization in it.

Rabi bint Abdulaziz told Al Arabia that when I received the message, “We congratulate you on the honor of joining the Royal Saudi Naval Forces,” I cannot describe how happy I felt at that moment.

My family belongs to the army which also motivated me to join the army. Al-Ghamdi said that my childhood was spent in the military city of Tabuk, most of my paternal and maternal uncles were military officers.

Joining the army was just a dream for us. I came to Riyadh from the Eastern Province as soon as women were allowed to join the military.

At that time I was not lucky enough to be accepted but after a struggle of persistence and repeated applications I was finally accepted into the army. It was an indescribable feeling.

Rabi Al-Ghamdi added that female recruits at the Armed Forces Women Cadre Training Center in Riyadh have to prove experience, knowledge, and sufficient skills. I proved that I have these skills.

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