The High School Medical Conference at WCM-Q

The Medical Conference was held on 21st January 2023, Saturday.

Pakistan International School Qatar aims at providing its students with hands-on knowledge and exposure to and avails every opportunity in this regard.

The participation of our students in ‘The High School Medical Conference’ at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar was a step in the same pursuit.

The Medical Conference was held on 21st January 2023, Saturday. It was divided into three parts: the medical conference, workshop and medicine unlimited fair.

The organizers were enthralled to find a big number of Pakistan International School students and even conducted an interview with one of our students.

Following that, they were led to a lecture hall where they heard several teams from various nations discuss their research on intriguing topics. The workshop session led by connoisseurs unfolded expedient understanding.

After the lunch break, the students overwhelmingly attended the ‘Medicine Unlimited Fair’. At enrollment, each person received a passport with the names of 18 different topics or clubs.

Each name had an associated task table, and their goal was to complete the exercise or quiz and receive a stamp.

This stamp indicated that they had completed the topic, and each passport required a minimum of five stamps before moving on to the next one; our bright stars shone there too.

They received rewards from these tables such as chocolates, bands, pens, bookmarks, teddy bears, magnets, caps, and so on. The volunteers and professors appreciated the comprehension, knowledge and educational establishment of our learners.

Our students marked their presence with confidence, a great display of knowledge and understanding and vibrant communication skills that brought great prestige to their institute and mentors. Overall, it was a fun way to explore and learn new things.

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