Pakistan Association Dubai holds a special Azadi theatre play

Our Independence Day celebrations kickstarted on Aug 5th with special theatre play.

Pakistan Association Dubai is a volunteer, non-profit, social welfare and cultural organization for expatriate Pakistanis, serving the community since 1963.

PAD Dubai keeps organizing special events on special days to educate Pakistanis in Dubai, United Arab Emirates..

Independence Day celebrations in the United Arab Emirates kickstarted on Aug 5th with the special theatre play |Jine Lahore Nai Vekhya O Jamya e Nai” at the Pakistan Auditorium.

Here are some quick glimpses if you missed it!

In a mesmerizing performance, we unveiled the heart-warming story of our nation’s independence, celebrating the spirit of people who discovered hope and embraced fresh horizons. This play was a tribute to their courage, resilience, and the power of solidarity and co-existence.

Theatre play by Pakistan Association Dubai

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