NEW Tesla Model Y 2023 – A Luxury Crossover

Tesla Model Y 2023 is still a much less satisfactory proposition.

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We are going to talk about Tesla Model Y 2023 long range jwd features and specs which is more popular than the Model 3 car.

Tesla Model Y 2023 Overview

While the 2023 Tesla Model Y is more popular with purchasers than the model 3 car on which it is based, it is still a much less satisfactory proposition.

The electric crossover is less maneuverable on winding roads and has a shorter range. But it still outperforms Rivals like the Ford Mustang, Maki and the Volkswagen ID in that regard.

The wise interior is made of low quality materials just like the model 3 and all of the SUV’s controls are located on a single infotainment display that is affixed to the dashboard.

Its price also puts it in competition with upscale EV SUVs like the Genesis gv60 Cadillac lyric an Audi q80 Tron all of which provide greater style and Superior construction.

What’s new for Tesla Model 2023?

In 2023 the model Tesla y remains unchanged not even in terms of pricing. However the business has a reputation for making changes quickly.  So adjustments might be made later in the model year.

Pricing and which one to buy?

The long-range and performance models offer 330 and 303 miles of range respectively which is the most important factor to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle.

The long range which maximizes driving range while providing lots of performance is our recommendation.

There are just five exterior colors available. Three of which have an additional fee and there are a few possibilities to customize your model y for an extra three thousand dollars. Those who want the third row of chairs can add them.

EV motor power and performance

The standard range cost leader trim is no longer available in the model y series. there is no harm done because the model wise long range in performance variants offer better value than a standard range trim.

We were able to test an all-wheel drive long-range thanks to a kind reader of Car and Driver. It reached 60 miles per hour and under 4.4 seconds barely 0.4 seconds slower than our long-term model 3 sedan.

In our tests the performance variant reached 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds. Despite its remarkable acceleration the model y doesn’t provide the same amount of driving enjoyment as the model 3.

Range, charging and battery life

The anticipated range for the performance model reduces to 303 miles. While the all-wheel drive long range

delivers 330 miles of range. However the latter has 20 inch wheels a lowered suspension a faster stated acceleration and a special track mode.

It also has a greater top speed 155 miles per hour fuel economy and real world mpica. The EPA estimates that the long range model gets 127 MP good in the city and 117 mpga on the highway compared to 115 mpga in the city and 106 mpga on the highway.

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