Agritourism project to introduce 10,000 new jobs in Dubai

Direct bus service will be introduced at all key stations.

Dubai ( UAE Updates News – Maham Siddiqui )

Dubai’s desert area will have a new agritourism project which will create 10,000 jobs for the people and convert the emirate’s rural areas into a beautiful place.

Residents and visitors will enjoy visiting a farm by the Agri Hub project where recreational, educational, and retail purposes will be served.

Direct bus service will be introduced at all key stations which will develop a connection to the Centre and also offer a transit system which will be environmentally friendly.

A separate space will be given to the farmers where they can sell products from their farms to the residents and visitors.

A nature and heritage conservation centre, an agri-tech institute, an ecotourism centre, and a restorative wellness centre will be going to feature in the new Hub.

The conservation centre will keep natural reserves and protect archaeological sites. The ecotourism centre will bid heritage trips to ancient sites, while also providing eco-friendly adventures like camel or horse riding and desert walks.

The farmers will get the required support from the agri-tech institute. They will provide investment chances to local inhabitants. The new Hub will also offer health facilities and sports activities. The centre will also encourage medical tourism.

The urban tech district in Dubai is also launched by an Agri-tech institute which also creates 4000 jobs in urban technology and others.

BaharashBagherian, CEO of URB said:

“Agri Hub is a very attractive and activity-rich environment that will transform Dubai into the world’s greatest rural visitor attraction in the world. It will run spaces for local farmers to sell their farm products, whilst offering an eco-friendly shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for visitors, this scheme will also promote greater health, wellbeing, and success for rural local inhabitants”.

100 % renewable energy, water recycling, and onsite zero waste management are included in the feature of this project.

This agritourism project is planned to maximize comfort and limit the impact on the environment.

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