Minnie and Anne Marie of K-pop group G-Idle release ‘Expectations.’

Minnie, a member of the K-pop girl group G-Idle, and Anne Marie, a singer from the United States, have released Expectations, which comes with a music video.

Soompi says that the song is about ignoring what other people expect of you and focusing on making your own path. The song itself is upbeat and combines Anne Marie’s powerful vocals with Minnie’s more restrained ones with skill.

The song has some bold lyrics that are very similar to the idea of G-Idle. Since their debut, the group has caused a stir by criticizing the sexualization of idols and bringing up topics that are taboo in Korea.

Their tune Fiery girl carried a new strong point of view to K-pop and proceeded to turn into a hit, and perhaps of their most recent track Nxde has done likewise. The song has received praise for debunking common misconceptions about female idols and women in general.

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