Michelle Yeoh deletes Instagram post following backlash

When Michelle Yeoh shared excerpts from an article that have since been removed, she received criticism for claiming that her rival Cate Blanchett “already has two Oscars.”

The piece was titled “It’s Been Over Two Decades Since We’ve Had a Non-White Best Actress Winner” and appeared in Vogue on March 6. Is That Going to Change in 2023?

“This is not just for me, this is for every little girl that looks like me… We want to be seen,” the Marvel actor captioned the image. We would like to be heard.

However, the actor removed the post after it went viral.

star of Crazy Rich Asians

The star of Crazy Rich Asians also came under fire for posting a paragraph that specifically mentioned Cate Blanchett.

“Detractors might argue that Blanchett’s performance is stronger – the acting veteran is undeniably superb as the prolific conductor Lydia Tár – but it should be emphasised that she has already won two Oscars” (for best supporting actress for The Aviator in 2005, and for best actress for Blue Jasmine in 2014).

“Considering her extensive and unrivaled body of work, are we still in need of yet more confirmation?” “A third would perhaps confirm her status as a titan of the industry.

Meanwhile, an Oscar would change Yeoh’s life forever: After a decade of being criminally underused in Hollywood, her name would forever be preceded by the phrase “Academy Award winner.” This should result in her getting meatier roles.

“Which overeager 2016-era I’m With Her millennial on Michelle Yeoh’s social media management team got that Instagram post approved?,” tweeted journalist Iva Dixit regarding the matter. Kindly elaborate on yourself.

“Michelle Yeoh screencapped eight slides worth of paragraphs from that article she posted on Instagram!” wrote another. During the final week of this event, do not jeopardize her reputation by acting as though she is criticizing Blanchett!

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