Major Adil Raja arrested in the UK

Several complaints have been filed against Maj Adil Raja and his colleagues.

London ( UAE Updates – Nadeem )

Social media activist major Adil Raja has been arrested in the United Kingdom for spreading fake news and anti-state sentiments.

Several complaints have been filed against Maj Adil Raja and his colleagues. He is accused for trying to destabilize Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities filed complaints against him after 9 May incident. A case has also been registered against Adil Raja under anti-terrorism provisions in Pakistan.

A serving army officer filed a defamation suit against Adil Farooq Raja in the British High Court for allegedly making about a dozen false and ludicrous allegations on YouTube and Twitter.

In addition, in the case registered in Rawalpindi police station in January on the charge of breach of trust and threatening the plaintiff with serious consequences, Judicial Magistrate Rawalpindi Muhammad Shahab ordered the confiscation of the vehicles and property of the accused Adil Raja in April.

FIA registered a case against Adil Farooq Raja for spreading hatred against martyrs last year. Last month, the Pakistani community living in Japan also demanded the arrest of Adil Raja, who spread false propaganda against the Pakistan Army.

It should be noted that on social media, Adil Raja had made serious accusations against well-known actresses and models of the country, after which legal proceedings were initiated against him.

It is not yet clear in which case Adil has been arrested. However it is a wake up call for those overseas pakistanis who spread false news and think the Pakistani government cannot arrest them.

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