Joe Biden’s struggle with skin cancer is over

WASHINGTON: According to White House physician Kevin O’Connor on Friday, the skin lesion that was removed from US President Joe Biden’s chest in  February was a basal cell carcinoma, a common type of skin cancer, and no further treatment is required.

In a letter, the White House physician stated that all cancerous tissue had been successfully removed. The physician also stated that Biden will continue dermatologic surveillance as part of his ongoing healthcare, but the site had healed.

After a physical exam last month, Biden, 80, was deemed healthy and “fit for duty.” At the time, they said that a small lesion from his chest had been taken out and sent for a biopsy.

In the letter, O’Connor stated that lesions of basal cell carcinoma do not typically spread or metastasize.

As he gets ready to run for president again in 2024, Biden’s health is being closely monitored. Although the president has not yet made a formal declaration of his intentions, his wife Jill Biden has stated that he intends to run.

Democrats disagree about whether Biden, who is already the oldest president of the United States, should be the party’s candidate.

Biden had his second extensive exam since taking office in January 2021, spending three hours with doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of


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