Jennie from Blackpink shares the advice she wishes she had gotten when she was a trainee

Jennie of the K-pop group Blackpink offers the guidance she never received as a trainee. Lisa and Jennie have been appearing in Baby Monster’s evaluation and introduction videos produced by YG Entertainment.

Pharita, Rora, Chiquita, Ahyeon, Asa, Haram, and Ruka were the group’s names given in detail. Even though the former head of YG said that none of the seven members will be making their debut together: There will never be seven members in Baby Monster. It will almost certainly be lower than seven.

It was uncovered that Child Beast’s last individuals will be concluded through their month to month and last assessments, which will be delivered to general society. Recently, the two groups were divided into two vocal groups for the first monthly evaluations.

Rosé, a member of Blackpink, was scheduled to perform a special rap section of the song Gone by one of the groups. Jennie paid them a visit while they were getting ready for their challenge.

Jennie responded, “I don’t have any advice for being nervous on stage,” when Ruka asked her for it. Before coming on stage, instead of stressing about things like “What if I’m not in tune?” I concentrate about how I’m going to surprise everyone in the crowd. When I was a trainee, I think it would have been beneficial if someone had informed me of this. That is the reason I’m expressing everything I wish I knew when I was a student… I trust individuals can see that from you folks as well.”

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