UAE announces “Golden Pension” for Expats

National Bonds which is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, UAE has introduced Golden Pension Scheme for expats. The purpose is to boost financial planning solutions for expats which are 89% of total UAE population.

National Bonds is the top Shariah-compliant savings and investment company in the United Arab Emirates. Now it plans for Golden Pension scheme seeing the demands of the employers and employees.

What to do for getting Golden Pension Scheme?

Expats who want to participate in the scheme can contribute as little as Dh100 on a monthly basis. On their saved money, they can get profit. The scheme is not only beneficial for the employees but also for the employers to support their organizations. They will be able to manage end-of-service financials in a better way.

National Bonds’ easy-to-use mobile application

Expats can access to their Golden Pension Scheme information through easy-to-use mobile application of National Bonds. A visible pension portfolio will be available in the mobile app where employees can see their increasing savings in real time.

Another grand feature of the new Golden Pension Scheme is that expats can participate in Dh35 Million rich reward program of National Bonds. Expats will also be the part of Life Takaful cover offered by local Takaful Operators.

National Bonds group CEO Mohammed Qasim Al Ali has said that it is very important to make a retirement plan so that expats can be financially stable and independent.

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