Flu cases rise in the UAE as winter starts

Everyone is advised to get the flu vaccine for their children to keep the situation under control.

There is a rise in flu cases witnessed by healthcare department in the UAE. The number of pediatric patients affected by the flu is increasing as winter is starting. UAE doctors have advised parents to avoid sending their children to school if they are affected by any kind of flu.

Doctors also directed parents to get their child influenza vaccine shots as a precautionary measure because the holiday season is approaching and most families are planning to travel with their kids. The flu vaccines will act as a precautionary measure to avoid the flu and its complications.

Pediatric specialist Dr. Meenakshi Sesama on the current situation said:

“Hospitals have been facing a huge incursion of children infected with cough, cold, flu vomiting, loose motion, body ache and breathing complaints. Flu infections are increasing. Also, covid restrictions have been relaxed. It is therefore advised to the travelers to have an influenza vaccine two weeks before the departure.”

Dr. Sahar Mohamed Elghawaby from Prime Medical Center also said,” We are witnessing a lot of children infected from influenza from the last couple of weeks. Parents are not able to differentiate between influenza and other viral infections. The symptoms of influenza which are common in children include high fever, flu, the cough along with vomits. All the clinics in Dubai have kits through which a rapid test can be done to detect influenza virus.”

Doctors have recommended parents visit the hospital within 48 hours and seek professional help immediately.

Most flu cases vary from mild to moderate therefore it is advised to not panic and visit your nearest hospital. The influenza virus is treatable.

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