FIFA world cup fan zones set up in Dubai

Dh350 are the charges per person which can be redeemed for beverages and food in the park.

Dubai ( UAE Updates – Nov 18, 2022 – Maham )

As the Fifa world cup is about to start, all the preparation related to the Fifa world cup has been set around the city. After all, fans traveling to Qatar, Emirates make sure to support the biggest event taking place in the region.

The residents and all the visitors in Dubai can see the live screening from Doha Qatar at different amenities which has been set for this occasion.

Airports and hotels around the UAE are all set to welcome football fans and visitors. Many properties have also been set up as football themed including lounges and parks.

A Football Park has been set up at DIFC Dubai in which 30 big screens have been placed which will air the matches from Nov 20 till Dec 18. A live match analysis will also present by the football experts.

Dh350 are the charges per person which can be redeemed for beverages and food in the park. The perfect football park has the following facilities for its fans:

Locker Room

The decoration, seating style, and environment of the place are just like the locker room of a stadium. Visitors will feel as if they are in a football stadium.

Private Lounge

The lounges have two big screens and perfect seating which will give the football vibes to the visitors.

The big screens are also placed in an open area for the public so the fans can watch their favorite football team on the ground. A wide range of activities and games have also been arranged by the management for the visitors to enjoy during the event.

Access to exclusive private lounges needs pre-booking. However, tables in the football park DIFC will be available on a first come first served basis. You can visit for reservation and more details.

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