Expo city in Dubai turns into a Christmas Winter Wonderland

A magical winter place for all visitors has been set up by the authorities at Expo city Dubai for the upcoming Christmas season.

The visitors in Dubai can now enjoy this festive season of Christmas in Expo city with all the fun, events, and activities relating to Christmas. It will be an exciting and fun experience for all Emirati children.

The Expo city has transformed into a big magical winter wonderland. The major attraction for this festive season in Expo city is Santa’s house.  The house includes his rocking chair and a fireplace sited in the living room of Santa Clause.

The corner and streets of Expo city are decorated with big and small Christmas trees. The visitors will also experience a mini carnival set up and a market in a snow-capped village. It will include many fun activities and events. A giant mailbox is also placed on the site for all the tiny tots who are willing to send their letters and wish lists to Santa Clause.

Those who like exploration and are ready for some extra adventure can ride on an Alpine Zipline or can enjoy ice skating on Opti’s frozen lake which will be too fun.

There is other big attraction in Expo city which is the build-a-bear stall and the Wasl plaza. There is also a giant globe that airs some special projection shows starting from 6 PM on Wednesday to Sunday.

Winter city entry for everyone is free however for some workshops and activities charges are applicable. The timings are from 3 PM to 11 PM daily until Dec 9. From Dec 10 onwards timings will be from 10 AM to 11 PM. From Jan 2 to Jan 8 timings will be from 3 PM till 11PM.

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