Emirates Airlines issues new advisory about electronic devices

With an increase in air passenger traffic, Emirates issues advisories to the passengers.

Emirates Airlines has issued an advisory for their passengers not to carry more than 15 electronic devices while traveling.  Also, each device must be properly and separately packed.

Dubai based flagship carrier Emirates has warned the passengers that the devices will be confiscated by the authorities if they crossed the given limit or were not packaged properly. Dubai’s flagship carrier has stated on its website:

“Customers are advised not to check in or carry greater than 15 electronic devices. The personal electronic items must be properly packed and each device should be packaged separately, not taped or attached.”

Authorities can confiscate the devices that are not properly packaged or badly packed due to safety reasons. If the personal electronic devices exceed the limit, the authority can also confiscate them to avoid any safety issue.

Since the holiday season is near, the Emirates authority issues the advisory as the air passenger traffic is increasing noticeably. They have also announced a busy period of travel for both inbound and outbound travel in December through Dubai. They have also directed passengers to arrive airport three hours before their scheduled flight to avoid any sort of delay in check-ins or catching a flight.

Emirates also will not accept any personal motorized vehicles like mini-Segways, hoverboards, and smart or self-balancing wheels on its flights. These devices (with or without batteries) cannot be carried in the hand carry or baggage as well due to safety concerns.

However, batteries and power banks can be carried in carry-on only and these must be protected individually to avoid any short circuit.

Drones are also not allowed to carry as cabin baggage but they are accepted as baggage check-in. Passengers will be asked to secure the lithium batteries within the drone or keep them separately in cabin baggage.

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