Social Media friendship ends up kidnapping and filming a girl in Dubai

A girl in Dubai was kidnapped, robbed, tortured and filmed by her friend who met her on a famous social media platform facebook.

According to the girl, a person contacted her on facebook and lured her by his nationality. Soon they became good friends. One day the person invited her to a party which was organized by some community in Dubai.

Not knowing the intentions of that person, the girl agreed to come and attend the party. She reached the spot at the agreed-upon time. The person reached the spot in his car and asked her to sit in. When the girl got in the car, she noticed another person was also there in the car.

The person locked the car and 2nd person tortured her asking to keep silent. He also threatened the girl to kill her with electric shocks.

In this way, the two persons abducted the girl and took her to their house in the Jebel Ali area. They first empty her purse snatching 5000 aed, then they snatched her smart phone and checked the bank accounts apps. They managed to transfer 165,000 aed to their accounts.

Later, they filmed her and took immoral snaps. They sent those nude snaps and videos to her family and demanded more money, which they managed to get soon. They kept assaulting and filming the girl for 3 days.

After looting her for three days, the suspects put a cloth over the girl’s eyes and mouth. They put her in the car and after some travel, they left her some unknown road. The girl soon was saved by some vehicle driver and she contacted the police.

The Dubai Court of Appeal sentenced the kidnappers 10 years imprisonment

The police reached to help the victim and the CID soon identified and arrested the suspects who were Asians. Both admitted their crime and disclosed that they were soon going to flee from Dubai. They rented the car to abduct the girl.

After listening the case, The Dubai Court of Appeal sentenced the kidnappers 10 years imprisonment and ordered the culprits to pay the victim 170,000 aed. The culprits will be deported from the UAE after serving their sentences.

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