Dubai Employers Struggling to find the right talent

Dubai firms face difficulties while recruiting skilled candidates due to their unrealistic salary expectations and lack of required qualification.

According to the details, Human resources and recruitment consultants say that a number of positions are vacant in Dubai firms such as:

  1. artificial intelligence specialists
  2. cybersecurity experts
  3. data scientists
  4. cloud engineers and architects
  5. tourism professional
  6. hospitality professional
  7. software developers
  8. cybersecurity architects

The major reason for which companies are unable to fill the empty posts of skilled IT professionals is that applicants want unrealistic salaries

2ndly, Firms put unnecessary delays in recruiting because of their internal matters. So many firms lose skilled candidates and workers every year.

Thirdly, shortage of suitable applicants make it difficult for the companies to hire the best worker. In IT and technology fields particularly cloud, cyber security, and data little apply for the job.

Industries like Fintech etc. are of the opinion that there is a serious shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector because of online earning platforms.

Similarly, Dubai is a great tourist hub. According to Waleed Anwar, managing director of Upfront HR, it always faces a shortage of experienced tourism and senior hospitality professionals.

What Should Candidates Do?

According to the above mentioned criteria, candidates must obtain the required skills and try for their luck. Visiting Dubai without any plan and skill is useless. First learn some skill and the UAE is waiting for you.

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