C, star of ‘House of the Dragon,’ provides an update on season 2 writing

Matt Smith, who stars in the HBO series House of the Dragon, provided an update on the script for season 2.

Matt Smith, 40, said that he just got the scripts for House of the Dragon season 2, which is a prequel to The Game of Thrones series based on the book Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin.

Speaking at the Middle East Film and Comic Con in Abu Dhabi, Smith revealed that he had just received his season 2 scripts, which arrived late. The HBO series aired in 2022 and was a huge success.

However, the actor’s comments do not make it clear whether the production or release of House of the Dragon season 2 will be affected by receiving the scripts later than anticipated.

The events of Game of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen’s birth took place hundreds of years prior to House of the Dragon.

Even more than the premiere of HBO’s other current series, The Last of Us, the first episode of House of the Dragon holds the record for the most-watched premiere in the company’s history.

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