BBC news anchor makes hilarious mistake during live show

Gareth Barlow made the error while introducing a nightly program last Sunday.

London ( BBC News Live – 25 August 2023 )

A hilarious goof-up by a BBC news presenter, who was presenting a live news bulletin, has gone viral on the Internet.

Gareth Barlow made the error while introducing a nightly program last Sunday and later shared a clip of it on social media.

In the video, uploaded on X, formerly known as Twitter, Gareth Barlow is seen getting ready to go live but mixing up words just seconds into the program.

“I’m watching the BBC news,” Barlow says before quickly correcting himself and adding, “I’m watching BBC News? I am Gareth Barlow. You’re watching BBC News.”

“Can someone please remind me who’s watching the news…,” Gareth Barlow jokingly wrote while posting the video, which has over 1 Million views on Twitter. Barlow’s mistake seemed to have served as a source of entertainment for several users.

“You were watching BBC News… and hosting it. Not entirely incorrect haha,” a user said.

To this, Barlow responded, “I can *technically* see myself on a screen behind the camera”.

“Aww, just goes to show the human side and adds to the richness of the programme, many would have flustered, a fab recovery,” a person added.

Another user commented, “A fine recovery though, I don’t think anyone noticed”.

“We all get our mords wuddled [words muddled] up at some point. However, you saved it in spectacular form, well done sir,” a comment read.

The incident also found a mention on the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show the next day where Barlow’s colleague and host of the programme Greg James played the clip to the listeners, according to the Daily Mail.

“My favourite thing has happened. I love this. It’s when people either say thank you to themselves or get muddled up when introducing themselves. The news is often very serious and very professional but once in a while there is an amazing blunder and one has happened,” said James.

Barlow later thanked James and joked, “I’ve spent the morning practicing saying my name ready for my radio show this afternoon. Wish me luck.”

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