Apple announces new jobs for its Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlets

US technology giant and iPhone manufacturer Apple has released the job opportunities.

Abu Dhabi ( UAE Updates – Nov 27, 2022 – Maham Siddiqui )

The globally top-ranked employer Apple has announced job opportunities in its Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlets.

According to the details, US technology giant and iPhone manufacturer Apple has released the job opportunities for its Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlets which are as under:

  • Technical Specialist
  • Business Expert
  • Operations Expert
  • Creative
  • Genius
  • Expert
  • Business Professional
  • Specialist

It is to be noted that the two job vacancies posted before by Apple were Manager and Product Marketing Manager, iPad and Mac.

Apple Stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Four stores of Apple are located across the UAE in which two stores are located in Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates whereas the other two outlets are in Yas Mall and Maryah Island Abu Dhabi.

Al Maryah Island outlet is the latest Apple store which includes a diverse team of more than 80 individuals who represent 28 nationalities and speaks more than 30 different languages including English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Tagalog, and others.

Apple previously announced that they would increase the size of their Yas Mall outlet and would offer 40 to 45 hours of work weekly with the offer of good salaries to employees.

The job roles in Apple outlets involve below key requirements:

Apple has announced requirements for various jobs in different departments which are as under:

Operations Expert

  • Ability to perform quick tasks within challenging conditions.
  • Strong leadership skills, can manage the task individually or by a team work.
  • Must have good evaluation skills

Business Expert

  • Vast knowledge of how to integrate technology into business and what solutions can Apple offer them.
  • Excellent customer handling skills by using phones to interact the customers and to offer business solutions.
  • Should know how to facilitate business in workshops, trials, events, and store briefings.


  • Experience in sales and technology will be preferred.
  • Should be able to deliver satisfying customer handling and experience.
  • Ability to learn and pick up quickly. Proficient in Apple products and should be an expert in technology solutions.
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