The Kuwaiti PM submits the resignation to the Crown Prince

Tensions have resurfaced between Kuwait's elected parliament and the government sworn in in October.

Kuwait ( Aljazeera English , Kuwait Times )

The Kuwaiti government has resigned after three months due to political infighting. The Kuwaiti Prime Minister has submitted the resignation of the Cabinet to the Crown Prince

According to Al Jazeera English report, Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Sabah submitted the resignation of his cabinet to the Crown Prince.

Most of the responsibilities of the Emir of Kuwait are held by Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who last year named Sheikh Ahmed as the country’s prime minister and dissolved the previous parliament and held early elections.

Tensions have resurfaced between Kuwait’s elected parliament and the government sworn in in October.

The MPs were pushing for a debt relief bill under which the government would pay off the personal debts of citizens.

Member of Parliament Shoaib Al Moizri, the head of Parliament’s economic and economic affairs committee, has said the debt relief bill would remain in place until the government formally announced an increase in salaries, pensions and social contributions.

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