How to Change UAE Visit Visa Status in One Day?

Fly Dubai and Salam Air are offering a visa status change service.

Dubai (UAE Updates – Arshad Farooq Butt)

The UAE has recently ended the option to change visa status from within the country for tourists on a visit visa. After the implementation of the new rules, those holding a visit visa will now have to exit the country and return on a new visa.

In such a situation, some travel agents have come up with a solution and have introduced a package to change visa status by traveling from one airport to another airport in a single day.

Fly Dubai and Salam Air are offering a visa status change service. In this service, travelers can choose to change their visa status on the same day. Otherwise, they may stay in a neighboring country for a day and return the next day.

How many people are benefiting from this service?

According to online travel agency, more than 800 people are availing the air-to-air change of visa status facility in Dubai every day.

This process takes about four hours. Passengers wait for a while at the country’s airport and return on a later flight.

How much money is required for air-to-air visa status change?

This process costs from Dh1300 to 1600 dirhams. Prices vary depending on the type of package you choose.

For example, if you choose to stay in Oman, one day’s hotel expenses will also be included in the price.

How can visa status be changed by bus?

Online travel agency is offering a package in which visa exchange is also possible by bus.

Currently this service is available only for passport holders of India, Philippines, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Tourists with Pakistani citizenship and those from the African continent are not allowed to exit the UAE by bus.

The demand for buses has increased tremendously after the new UAE restrictions. Most of the buses have been booked for the next one month.

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