About Us

UAE News Updates is a Dubai based news website on which you can read latest news, blogs, careers and job advertisements from Gulf & Khaleej.

Since its inception this year, UAE Updates has established a unique position in the news websites of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to latest news, you can also read features on our website and watch the latest videos from the UAE and its cities.

How do we deliver information to you?

UAE Updates team is present in different cities of the United Arab Emirates. We put questions from our readers on our social media pages and put them in front of our team and ask for expert opinions. Thus, we write the answer to any question in detail in the form of a feature.

About job advertisements

UAE Updates team is in touch with schools and other institutions in Dubai. We do not publish a job advertisement until we have personally verified it. Thus, every advertisement that comes on our website includes full job description and mobile phone number, WhatsApp number, address and email address for contact.