Imran Khan identified as the mastermind of 9 May incident

He said that May 9 was a big conspiracy which was planned for many months.

Rawalpindi ( Courtesy: Ansar Abbasi Column, Jang Group ) On Monday, the military spokesman DG ISPR has given all the indications to present Chairman PTI Imran Khan as the mastermind of the May 9 attacks but refrained from naming him.

A journalist asked for the names of the masterminds behind the May 9 attacks, but DG ISPR, without naming anyone, clarified that the masterminds were those who had been inciting and misleading the public against the army and its leadership for the past several months.

Again without naming the PTI chairman Imran Khan, the army spokesperson said that a year-long narrative against the army was spread for power lust, which resulted in the May 9 incident in Pakistan. He said that May 9 was a big conspiracy which was planned for many months.

On another occasion in the press briefing, the spokesman once again refrained from naming Imran Khan and said that it was clear as day that the masterminds of the May 9 riots were those who told the public that they should attack the army, throw petrol bombs at them and set fire to their graves.

He further said that if the nation wanted to move the planners and facilitators of these attacks must be exposed and brought to justice. Otherwise some other political party would repeat these incidents.

Interestingly, a day before May 9, the ISPR had issued a press release directly quoting the PTI chairman as “irresponsible” as he was maintaining allegations on senior and serving army officers. The May 8 press release said:

“Chairman PTI has made highly irresponsible and baseless allegations against a serving senior army officer without any evidence. These fabricated and malicious allegations are extremely unfortunate, regrettable and unacceptable.”

Pakistani Govt stance on 9 May incidents in Pakistan

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and some federal ministers, including Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, have repeatedly named Imran Khan as the mastermind behind the May 9 attacks, and DG ISPR has same point of view.

DG ISPR Press conference June 26, 2023

Spokesman of Pakistan Army Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry has said that after the detailed accountability process, in the light of inquiry recommendations, 3 army officers including Lieutenant General have been dismissed from their jobs for failing to ensure the security of garrisons, military installations, GHQ and Jinnah House.

Strict disciplinary action has been taken against 15 officers including 3 Major Generals and 7 Brigadiers.

Granddaughter, son-in-law, begum of former four-star generals, begum of retired three-star general, begum and son-in-law of ex-two-star general are undergoing accountability process of Pakistan Army. 102 miscreants are being tried in military courts and this will continue.

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